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The general public is often unaware of matters of the state, particularly the judicial system. Perhaps, we should count our lucky stars that most of us never face the unfortunate circumstance of facing the court and its many procedures for whatsoever reason. It’s often said, “justice delayed is justice denied.” Sheetal, the author gives us an account of just how slow the system works for a person of different nationality, giving us much-needed insight into the court working and how justice is imparted.


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Sheetal Ohri

Sheetal Ohri is a woman with a mission. She believes in using her experiences to make a difference. Shaken by the troubles presented to her early on in life, she has made it her strength. She aspires to use her battles, experiences, and a newfound determination to guide non-immigrant parents on their rights for their children’s custody. She is committed to guiding parents who are victims of family law due to their immigration status and suffer through the complex family law system. Her determination comes from her decade long struggle to get her own son’s custody from the American Judicial system.


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Custodial Battle

Play the trailer and get a view of the world author Sheetal Ohri creates for you in her book. The short video will help the reader with an overview of the books running themes. Let this trailer pull you in this masterfully written book and become a part of its ever-growing family.

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A sneak peek into the chapters on the chronicles of a woman not ready to back down!

Sheetal Ohri’s Book Chapters

Custodial Battle

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Chapter 01


God! Please have mercy on me this time.”
Ritika Gupta whispered in her heart while stepping inside the courtroom with a tired soul.

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Chapter 02


“Ritika! All formalities have been completed. Your son is waiting outside in the car for you.”

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Chapter 03


Ritika had been going through a mental trauma for many days. She would stare at her phone all the time in the hope that

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Chapter 04


This traffic light inside my head is always green and never red. My thoughts, my dreams, and all my fears, all speed past my listening ears.

Why Read It?

Custodial Battle

This book narrates the devastating tale of the protagonist “Ritika” and her struggle with the American judicial system in the custody battle for her son in court. The book navigates the reader through the various intricacies and loopholes of the judicial system in the states when you are without Immigration status. How some may work in favor of the powerful and against the weaker party. Sheetal weaves insights from her experience of the family law system and her tackling of it, giving it a multi-dimension and gripping narrative by intermingling the protagonist’s Indian culture and traditions by her refusal to back down in the face of oppression from her ex-husband and in-laws. A heartbreaking tale of a yearning mother and her grief as she faces a long separation from her child in a foreign state with just herself as strength. This book will grip you in its clasp. We as the reader go through author’s account of the intricacies of the judicial system and how the protagonist remained steadfast in the face of adversity and desolateness that she faces in a foreign land with no one to turn to but herself.

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