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About The Author

Sheetal Ohri

Sheetal Ohri is a woman with a mission. She believes in using her experiences to make a difference. Shaken by the troubles presented to her early on in life, she has made it her strength. She aspires to use her custodial battles, experiences, and a newfound determination to guide non-immigrant parents on their rights for their children’s custody. She is committed to guiding parents who are victims of family law due to their immigration status and suffer through the complex family law system. Her determination comes from her decade-long struggle to get her own son’s custody from the American Judicial system.

Sheetal Ohri is an accomplished communicator with extensive experience in Hospitality & Restaurants business operations, Remodel and facilities solutions experience. She has also made her mark in the capacity of an entrepreneur, having her own company. Sheetal is also the Founder and producer of Silicon Valley Awards – SVA “Making a Difference.” Sheetal is a media celebrity having her own radio talk show over 8 years “Making a Difference with Sheetal Ohri” on KSJO Bolly923 FM, where she talks to her guests and empowers her listeners through their journeys. These guests are Politicians like the Senators, Mayors, Council members, Congressmen and women, Non Profit heads, Startups and technology leaders, Organizations heads and local Heros of the USA who are Making a Difference.

She has strong leadership, analytical, organizational, time management, and decision-making skills. Besides being creative, Sheetal’s philanthropic side is working with Non-profits, she has been on board as a Director with many San Francisco-based Non Profit foundations – GOPIO- Silicon Valley, Indo American Community Federation – IACF, Federation Indo American Northern California – FIANC, and Foundation for Excellence.